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569 Million Reasons Posted on 16 Oct 2018

Self-care saves you time and saves the NHS money. You can save your time and the NHS money by treating your minor conditions with medicines that can bebought cheaply over the counter from your local pharmacy or supermarket.The NHS will save more than £569 million in prescription charges every year if we stop asking our GPs forover the counter medicines.We could spend that money on other services that benefit everyone, and our GPs could see more patientswith more serious conditions.

If you usually get a prescription for medicine that can be bought cheaply and easily over the counter at your local pharmacy or supermarket, you may find that your doctor or health care professional will no longer provide it - most people don’t visit their GP for minor conditions. Paracetamol costs around 1p per tablet over the counter, but the NHS has to pay at least £3.40 if you get it on prescription.

Vitamin D costs the NHS five times more than it costs you to buy it over the counter. The NHS spends more than £569 million every year for medicines that can be bought without aprescription.

We could spend that money on other services that benefit everyone. Please click the link to take part in our patient survey

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